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Veterinary Compounding

At Remedy Rx we care about the things that matter most to you—by making sure that your pet takes the compounded medication that your veterinarian has prescribed.

Only Remedy Rx Pharmacy offers CHEW-A-TREAT®, FLAVORRx® and a lots of flavors that appeal to animals making it easy for owners to administer. Our veterinary compounding pharmacy in Roseville can provide treatments that are not commercially available and offer more effective methods of administration for pets of all sizes.


Why your veterinarian might prescribe a compounded medication.

Compounded medications are prescribed when a veterinarian determines that the appropriate treatment is not otherwise available from a pharmaceutical manufacturer, or is not available in the strength, dosage form, flavor, or package size the veterinarian thinks is necessary for treatment. When your veterinarian calls a prescription into Remedy Rx Pharmacy, a pharmacist prepares a medication that meets the individual needs of your pet.

Remedy Rx specializes in Pet Compounding in Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay and surrounding area.