What Makes Remedy Rx Different from Other Pharmacies?

When it comes to deciding which pharmacy you will choose to fill your prescriptions and provide other medicinal services, we realize choices are abundant. There are dozens of national chains like CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Costco( yes even Cotsco) that would be more than glad to take your money along with your prescription and give you a call when it’s ready to pick up or make you wait and wander their store. There’s some things a local independent pharmacy like Remedy Rx Pharmacy can offer your family that a large, corporate chain can’t. Keep reading to learn why it matters where you fill your prescriptions and shop for personal care products.

Why Having a Local Hometown Pharmacy makes a difference

Perhaps you’re wondering why you should go out of your way to visit a Remedy Rx pharmacy in Roseville. Perhaps you’d been using the national chain pharmacy near your house for years and are reluctant to make the extra effort it will take to switch to a new pharmacy.

Firstly, we’d like to say that you likely won’t have to go that far out of your way to use Remedy Rx Pharmacy. We are conveniently located right across the Roseville Sutter Hospital. We offer free delivery and we make the transfer process painless and worry free.

Another reason it’s important to use your hometown pharmacy is that we’re independently owned by a family that lives, works, goes to school and pays taxes right here in the area. When you support Remedy Rx Pharmacy by having us fill your prescriptions, allowing us to supply your vitamins or crutches, or simply stopping by when you’re out of Asprin, you’re directly contributing to the health of Placer County’s economy and the communities it supports.

Lastly, having a local independent pharmacy matters because we can provide a level of personalized, compassionate care with which big, national chains just can’t be bothered. We get to know you. Take the time to learn your name, inquire about the health of your spouse, and remark on how your family is getting along with the kids. We’ll work hard to make sure you have access to the medical equipment and medications you need to feel your best. Can you say that about the chain pharmacy down the road?

We Provide Specialized Pharmacy Services

Retail – We carry a wide variety of over the counter cold and flu relief products, remedies for muscle pain. Any vitamins or supplements you enjoy taking to boost your immune system.

Prescription Compounding – Another decided advantage of using Remedy Rx Pharmacy over those chain options is that we have compounding capabilities. This means we can create personalized medications to treat individual needs. Working together with your prescribing physician, Need a dosage tweaked? Want to combine medicines for convenience and enhanced results? We can do all of this or more

Veterinary Compounding- Only Remedy Rx Pharmacy offers CHEW-A-TREAT®, FLAVORRx® a lots of flavors that appeal to animals making it easy for owners to administer. Our veterinary compounding pharmacy in Roseville can provide treatments that are not commercially available and offer more effective methods of administration for pets of all sizes.

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