B12 Shot Clinic Price List

Happy Hour – $15 Pure B12 energy, an intro shot. Contains: B12

Moderately Complex – $20 For the undecided who want a well rounded shot. Contains: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12

Limitless – $25 For the athlete, the model, and the boss – lighten your load by stimulating your energy, reducing fat and cellulite, and shedding excess weight. Contains: B12, acetyl-L-carnitine, taurine

Detox Cocktail – $35 Your Perfect compliment to any cleanse or detox program. Contains: B-Complex, MIC, glutathione, acetyl-L-cysteine

ViRelief – $25 Put the lid on viral infections and outbreaks including herpes simplex virus. Contains: B-Complex, zinc, lysine

Pain Patrol – $25 Whatever your source may be- acute trauma, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, arthritis, etc- this B shot is here to help so that you can conquer your day. Contains: B5, B12, B-Complex

Muscle Recovery – $35 Recharge and replenish your machine so that you can get back in the game sooner. Contains: B5, B12, B-Complex

Hangover Helper – $35 The right cure for the right time. Contains: B12, MIC, B-Complex, glutathione, taurine

Skin Soother – $30 Combat acne, rosacea and rashes. Promote your healthy youthful glow. Contains: B12, B-Complex, MIC, acetyl-L-carnitine

Beauty by the Bay – $25 Don’t be at the mercy of time. Rejuvenate your skin, increase tone and reverse the overall aging process. Contains: B12, MIC, biotin

So Fine – $25 Add the missing fat-burning element to your weight loss journey. Get more energy and improve your performance. Contains: B12, MIC, acetyl-L-carnitine

Adrenal Amp – $30 Crank up your concentration and focus, knock down your nervousness, mental fatigue and anxiety. Perfect for your big presentation. Contains: B5, B12, folinic acid

Emotion-Ease – $35 Be the Master of your domain. Contains: B5, B12, B-Complex folinic acid, taurine

Chillax – $30 Sometimes you just need a chill shot to maximize your relaxation. Contains: B12, magnesium, taurine, glycine

PMScape – $30 A girls best friend when she doesnt have time for cramps. This hormone balancing shot is beneficial before or during any period in life. Contians: B12, B-Complex, B6, magnesium

Prostate Support – $30 Formula designed to promote essential nutrients, important for mens health. Contains: B5, zinc, B-Complex, acetyl-L-carnitine

Super Custom – $15-$35 Patients are encouraged to discuss which nutrient shots would be best for you, directly with your doctor.

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