TWO GREAT EVENTS @ Remedy Rx Pharmacy and Compounding in November 2014

Nov 12th Wine, Women and Hormones -Achieving Optimal Hormonal Balance FREE seminar with Dr Carpenter. Nov 5th Healthy Living With DoTERRA Essentials Oils

Both Event DetailsBoth Event Details
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Ever have an issue of where to take expired or unused medications? Too much of our medications end up in our water ways. Dispose them correctly.Learn More
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doTERRA Essential Oils

Health and Wellness with  doTERRA Essential Oils, Come see why these are among the finest aromatic extracts in the world and how they can […]

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Wine & Dine – Optimal Hormonal Balance -Dr Carpenter

“Wine & Dine – Optimal Hormonal Balance  with Dr Carpenter”
Wednesday Nov 12th 6:30pm, at Remedy Rx Pharmacy and Compounding, 1420 East Roseville Parkway, Ste. […]

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National Immunization Awareness Month

Immunization helps prevent dangerous and sometimes deadly diseases. To stay protected against serious illnesses like the flu, measles, and tuberculosis, adults need to get […]

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